37.4 EUR million

fund size
as per the
end of 2016

There is a growing urgency for a transition towards a more sustainable society and economy. Pressures on the environment and the prospect of irreversible climate change require a fundamental change in the way we live, consume, produce and invest.

Triodos Organic Growth Fund aims to support this transition by providing mission-aligned long-term capital to authentic sustainable companies with a clear commitment to contribute to increasing the share of sustainable consumer goods in Europe. The challenges that the fund addresses and the related impact goals can be described on three levels.


Due to our levels of production and consumption, we are rapidly depleting the earth’s natural resources on a global level. One example is soil depletion. Furthermore, there is a loss of diversity and resilience of the supply chain for food and other consumer products. The fund’s environmental impact goals are to preserve natural resources – in particular by promoting organic farming and renewable sourcing – and to maximise food and resource efficiency through more efficient production and waste minimisation and by promoting circularity.


Lack of consumer awareness of the relationship between society, consumption, production and natural resources on the one hand, and power concentration within supply chains, food security, health and safety issues and insufficient supply of sustainable products on the other hand are among the social challenges that Triodos Organic Growth Fund aims to address. The fund’s social impact goals are to raise awareness of this relationship, to apply fair and transparent business practices and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Finance and support

The frontrunners in the fast-growing European sector for organic food and sustainable consumer products, now mature companies, are hampered in their growth and face succession issues due to the lack of long-term capital that is aligned with their companies’ missions and values. Triodos Organic Growth Fund addresses this challenge by promoting and demonstrating the viability of a new model for impact investing: mission-aligned private equity, with a long-term focus, not driven by exits. This approach preserves the independence of companies and supports their entrepreneurship and sustainable missions.

Indicators to quantify the fund’s efforts include total turnover realised by its portfolio companies, the number of people they employ and their percentage of organic and/or fair trade turnover. During 2017, this approach will be further developed and additional indicators will be set per company in the fund’s portfolio.

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